Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rebirthing in Wyoming

Rebirthing in Wyoming

We all know the annual gathering of the tribes of the Rainbow Family of Living Light is taking place in Wyoming this summer.

Many people have been commenting on the ways in which we have been failing to live up to the vision in recent years. Some of us have been talking locally in San Diego and we’re having weekly circles in April and May to try to at least bring our higher energy to Wyoming. In conversations with others across the country, I sense this feeling of wanting a time of rebirth is felt by many.

I hope to share some of the thoughts and ideas that come out of our local circles with people as this journey progresses; however, in the hopes of jump building energy towards reclaiming our vision, I wanted to share a couple of thoughts.

At the last Wyoming gathering in 1994 (and many other gatherings circa the 1990s and earlier) a few kitchens served breakfast in Main Meadow to help focus our morning energy.

Communal breakfast in the meadow served many purposes including but not limited to:

creating positive energy in the center of the gathering mid-morning,
making it easy for people to find breakfast,
providing an opportunity to meet and great with each other and share the Rainbow way,
allowing camps and kitchens that need help that day with shitter digging, food preparation, or other activities to get volunteers with full bellies and immediately go off and do the work.

I believe it would go a long way to helping us rebirth our energy if a few kitchens would be willing to go back into the future and find ways to bring us all together in the morning. Of course it’s easy for me to say. But a couple of large pots of oatmeal in the morning and some granola served in a circle would go a long way to helping us raise our vibrational energy and uniting our camps.

Just to get us in the mood for loving each other, I’d like to share something be friend Gary wrote last week.

“Rainbow ain't about politics.... or religion....or sexual preference....or the environment or rights to gather or (pick your topic).... its about peace ... wanting peace...praying for peace ...practicing peace....working towards peace .... thinking globally....and acting locally.... ..... can you not see that even someone to has different perceptions about how life works ... can still want and desire the same things you yearn for ....peace .... a loving circle....the company of loved one and a sense of safety in their lives .... can you not see that empathy knows no political loyal....not economical social level....... or that there are good decent loving kind and compassionate persons of all persuasions ..political or others.....I’ve personally known compassionate conservatives and tress hugging lumberjacks personally....and we agreed to disagree..... yet find common ground to come together and agree to what we agree too.... I can’t see how anyone could be rainbow and not be open-minded enough to allow a brother or sister to believe what they believe....”

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