Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mark Rey Letter

The Undersecretary of the United States Department of Agriculture wrote a letter outlining the United States Forest Service stance towards the gathering. Find all the info at the SCROLL Wyoming web page.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jacque Betz's Memorial Day Statement

Jacque Betz is a long time gatherer and wonderful sister who shares my birthday. She's an activist with Code Pink. Here's what she did for Memorial Day: watch the video.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Gathering Message

Today is Memorial Day and I leave it to each one of you to meditate on what that means and how that meaning should be manifested.

Tribes from Northern and Southern California are joining to create a California Family Camp and Kitchen in Wyoming called Oji. A California Family Council is planned for July 1st at a location to be announced at the gathering. All California family are invited to camp at Oji and create one kick ass kitchen.

Yesterday at our Back to Basics Circle in San Diego, we discussed the often fuzzy idea of sex between consenting adults and how to help our younger sisters feel in control of their own sex lives and how older sisters and loving older brothers can be supportive.

One of the issues we discussed was how some brothers might share food or other goodies with a sister and then expect some sharing in return and how many sisters, especially younger ones, are not prepared to use the word “NO” in a strong and focused manner because they have altered their minds in some manner or because the brother is very insistent.

First off, the message we want to send to all our family, young and old, male and female, is that your body belongs to you. And you have a right to say “NO” when ever your heart desires. If your “NO” is not respected, then you can call “Shanti Sena” and your family will be there to support you in your decision. A “NO” can come after talking to someone, after sharing food or other goodies with someone, even after making out with someone for an hour. You have the right to set your own boundaries and change your mind when ever you wish.

We also discussed some ways in which people can avoid situations where things may get out of control, either because a “NO” is not being respected or because a person isn’t able to express their wishes. So first off, any time you use mind-altering substances, please use the buddy system– hopefully with people you have known and trusted for more than the last hour or two or if not, then at least with a group of people who are prepared to stick together and look out for each other. Or hang out at a larger camp or kitchen and enjoy the fire and the music.

Be aware that while most people who come to the gathering do so with love and respect in their hearts, we all come to be healed and some of us need more healing than others. Some of the trippiest looking and talking people are also the most manipulative. Take the time to get to know someone before you get too close. Have your friends meet someone before you get too close. Closeness can wait until the next day. Things often look different at 2 PM than they did at 2 AM.

If you need help with a situation, before, during or after an unwanted encounter, yell Shanti Sena or go to the nearest kitchen, Info, or Calm and ask for help. We have many people sensitive to the emotional, spiritual, physical and legal needs of a person who has had an unwanted encounter and we stand ready to support you.

Rap 121

Rainbow Rap 121 from

Respect our sisters and help create a safe place for everyone.
Nudity is natural; not a sexual invitation.
Ask before hugging or touching women & remember: “No means No!”
Brother Circles offer support & encourage understanding.
Love happens – Carry condoms.

Respect yourselves & trust your instincts.
If you don’t feel comfortable being intimate or alone with a man it’s OK to say “No.”
Sister Circles share strength & support between women.
Love happens – Carry condoms.

This is a society based on love & respect.
We’re here for a spiritual purpose; Respect each other and do no harm.
Brother-Sister Circles create trust & understanding.

We are all Shanti Sena – “Peace Keepers”

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Krishna's in West Virginia

There is a very fun video of the Krishna bus trip to the West Virginia Gathering in 2005. Shows the Krishna bus arriving, building a kitchen and of course lots of chanting. Click here.

~~ Hari Bol! ~~

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tony's 2 cents

Since Tony wanted this distributed to places that don't take attachments, I've posted it here in PDF format for people's review. To comment on it, email Tony .

Friday, May 16, 2008

Wyoming Gathering Green Energy Plea

On May 2, I sent out an email to all of you on my list with information on how to donate green energy (US dollars) to some critical infrastructure needs before the gathering.

As a result of that email, a lot of discussion has been happening between various people and I wanted to get back to you - but the short answer is we need serious money and it can be donated at this website. (the website is not up-to-date, but any funds donated via this paypal link will be used for the 2008 Annual Gathering Equipment purchases). I give you my word on that! I even heard from one of the CALM focalizers, that replacing and updating this equipment is of critical importance to the health and safety of the gathering.

Now for the long response:

For many years, a couple of amazing brothers have been focalizing filtered drinking water systems and radio communications for emergency use. Much of this equipment was stored in a trailer on private property on the east coast. Unfortunately, last year the trailer was stolen along with the thousands of dollars worth of equipment it contained.

As it takes a while to purchase the necessary equipment, build the water systems and prepare for the gathering, donations are desperately needed immediately to fund clean and safe drinking water for the gathering as well as communications equipment for CALM (First Aid).

Also, the people focalizing radio communications and clean water are burned out and the gathering needs new human energy to learn and enhance what we have. If you're into helping and don't know how to connect up, email me and I'll hook you up.

A safe and happy gathering means a gathering with filtered drinking water. No clean water means a lot of people are going to ends up with the shits - don't let that be you.

Please please please, if one thousand gatherers donate $10 each, that's $10,000 and we can start this gathering with our water needs and CALM needs in good shape. For the victim of a heart attack, this can mean the difference between life and death.

Please pass this information on to all your lists and talk to your friends. I've included a summarzied accounting of the equipment that was lost in the trailer theft

Love you all!


**********************From one of the focalizers***************************************
Here's an update on specifically what was lost:

We lost many of the larger antennas I use for base stations and the cross band repeaters used to get emergency help from other outside repeaters (that saved lives in Arizona for example). We did loose some family radios and family stuff as well as our back up supplies.

I also lost all the solar panels and batteries that CALM uses for recharging batteries, CPAK equipment and other medical gear as well as lot of shovels, rakes and other implements of destruction.

That is basically what happened. We lost about $2000 of filters, about $300 in pre filters, and perhaps $3000-$5000 in water parts (hard to come up with a real number on that one). I lost some housings but not most of them, other than pre-filter housings. Some of this was custom made parts and some odd ball stuff that was found and collected over the years that is hard to replace. I also lost all my connector hose.

Forest Service Discussions

On Tuesday there was a conference call with the USFS to discuss the annual gathering taking place in Wyoming with the goal of having a "legal" & "unpermitted" gathering and having the USFS cooperate with the gathering to protect the resources and minimize USFS/gatherer confrontations.

The first hour or so was recorded by a kind brother and is available online

One of the points of discussion was a letter to be written by Mark Rey. I've included the lastest draft.

If you have time to comment this weekend, please do and sent your comments to Amanda (, please do so.
Comments need to be to Mark Rey's office by noon Eastern Time on Monday, May 19. If you email Amanda, please cc

----- Original Message ----- From:


Attached you will find the letter with suggested changes from yesterdays
conference call. With everyone's agreement, Under Secretary Rey will
send the letter out on letterhead this Friday.

If you have any comments or questions, please me at your earliest

Thank you,

To All:

As we prepare for the 2008 National Rainbow Family Gathering in Wyoming, several Family Members have suggested that it would be helpful to again clarify the Forest Service's approach to the 2008 Gathering:

The Agency's authority to require group use permits is in place and has been upheld by the Courts. However, the Forest Service does have discretion with respect to the enforcement of this authority. Pursuant to that discretion and a previously negotiated protocol recognizing the unique nature of the Rainbow Family, we will implement the following process to facilitate a Gathering in accordance with the Forest Service Regulations:

* The Forest Service has forwarded several sites on the National Forests in Wyoming for the participants in the 2008 Gatherings to consider as gathering sites.

* The participants in the 2008 Gatherings will select 2 or 3 alternate locations for the Forest Service to consider as soon as possible. Initial scouting of sites is being done in cooperation with local Forest Service personnel.

* The Forest Service will quickly evaluate the sites (if other than the recommended Forest Service sites) and give the participants in the 2008 Gatherings an answer on suitability before Spring Council.

* Beginning at Spring Council and after a site has been mutually agreed upon, an operating plan would be prepared in advance of the Gathering in collaboration with the participants in the 2008 Gatherings. The plan would be subject to mutual modifications as the Gathering sets up. For this purpose the Forest Service is committed to meeting on the land daily with participants in the 2008 Gatherings during the Gathering.

* No permit would be issued. The Forest Service would exercise its discretion and refrain from any enforcement of a permit requirement provided that the operating plan is followed. Failure to comply with the operating plan will result in enforcement of the current regulations.

* All laws will be enforced on the National Forests similar to other recreation gatherings and forest visitor use.

* The Gathering will be managed thru the Forest Service Incident Command System for the purpose of addressing social and resource impacts.

Please feel free to circulate within the region and with members of the Rainbow Family and participants in the 2008 Gatherings. Welcome home.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Email List for Gathering Planning

So there is an email list that is heavily used by people planning for the annual gathering every year. It is a subscription only list to prevent spam, but other than that it is completly unmoderated and uses Mailman technology - so no Yahoo crap. If you want to subscribe, here's the info.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

American Rapid Rainbow Response & Myanmar

American Rapid Rainbow Response (ARRR) was formed during Hurracaine Katrina when a bunch of people from the Rainbow Gathering went to New Waveland Mississippi and set up a relief effort. They are currently working to assist the people of Myanmar. For details, visit their website or email them.

ARRR is a network of people who recognize the obligation of service to our brothers and sisters that are faced with catastrophe in their communities. With years of experience providing food and clean drinking water for thousands of people at cooperative festivals, we are uniquely prepared to share our skills, time, and assets with those in serious need.

While our main focus is on physical needs such as clean water and food, we also try to provide for the emotional and spiritual care of a community. We encourage our volunteers to lend an ear along with a hand, we encourage cooperation with the appropriate agencies for psychological assistance, and we reach out to local religious communities to foster cooperation in meeting the needs of survivors of natural disasters.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Getting Involved

Hey everyone,

Just because it's Friday and I want to share all the good things that people are planning to do in Wyoming.

San Diego Family is planning a night at the Front Gate - July 2 dusk until July 3 dawn - music, dancing and what ever needs to be done. We're hoping to get 25+ people to participate.
All you need to do is show up at the Front Gate about sunset on July 2nd or anytime there after and join the fun. Musicans, dancers, parking crew, bubble blowers, and singers wanted.

Some of the California kitchens are joining together to make a huge Rainbow kitchen. Some of the plans include a Raw Food Station, Buddha's Tea House, food for main circle, a Rainbow Reading Libary and much more. To plug into the fun ahead of time, email Joji or for all the details, click here.

IDONNO Cafe will be hosting an art walk on the July 1st bring some ....also it'd bee cool if other kitchens wanted to the Fams great art........ To plug into that, click here.

Lots of chatter on getting people to video cops to keep them on their best behavior. Especially people with equipment and the skills to get it all on tape. So if you know anyone who likes to video cops, rope them into helping. To plug into this effort, email me. For more in cop watch, click here.

And remember folks, everyone is doing their best to create a safe, beautiful and fun gathering for all. So let's uplift each other and share the positivity.

Please share this information freely.

Peace out!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

1978 Video on the Rainbow Gathering

There's a wonderful film from the 1978 annual gathering in Oregon available on You Tube called Experience the Rainbow.

Check out family sharing the vision. It's in five parts. Here's part one or go to You Tube and search for "Experience the Rainbow." Some of the people interviewed are still coming home every year.

Friday, May 2, 2008

My Friends Focusing on Front Gate

This is a message from my friends who are planning on focusing on positive energy at the Front Gate. Posted with their permission.



Catherine and I (Sailor) are focusing our energy this year on doing the front gate in Wyoming. We hope to make everyone's arrival "home" a much kinder, gentler experience than it has generally been the last few years. We feel that some of the problems people have experienced at gatherings can be effected in a positive way by presenting a different initial encounter than what has become accepted as the norm. So we are sending out this missive to those of you we consider "creative" folks and asking you to share with us your thoughts and ideas about the front gate. What we're mostly looking for is your perspective of what visually establishes to those arriving the sense that they are at the beginning of the gathering, all is well and a great time awaits. We want to hear from folks what they feel helps to visually establish a difference --- something that says or reflects a feeling of order, security,welcome,peace. What folks see as a service or need at the gate. So please, close your eyes and visualize, tell us what you want to see when you come around that last bumpy, dusty, curve? And please, don't mention drugs being sold, beer being hustled, etc. we will deal with the small stuff, we're counting on you for a bigger vision,lol.

Also Catherine is putting together a spread sheet for actual day/hours for anyone interested in volunteering a few hours of their time at the gate. The spreadsheet runs from June 25th to July 3'rd. If interested and ready to commit, please contact her direct . Thanks

------------------------- C&S

Funds for CALM, Drinking Water and Scouting

So when going to a gathering, people often donate money to the Magic Hat to cover food and other supplies. This is awesome. However, for some supplies, it's easier for the money to be available before the gathering as needed supplies aren't always available adjacent to our gathering sites.

So for those of you who want to donate to CALM (First Aid) there is a link to a PayPal account on a CALM Website. (and lots of other cool information). The folks focalizing this are great and trustworthy people and work long and hard at the gathering to heal all of us. Let's help them out by sharing some green energy.

A incredible brother named Hawker does a huge amount to bring safe drinking water to the gathering. Find out about his systems and how you can help with your energy - both physical and green at his website. Plus this is an awesome resource for folks interested in safe drinking water systems.

Folks are out scouting now. Due to the high cost of gas, every donation to scouting is appreciated. Montana Mudd is helping in this area. Contact them for information on
how to contribute.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day Update

Happy May everyone!

Every Sunday at 1 PM (in San Diego) we are circling and discussing ideas on how to create an awesome gathering. Various friends of mine both locally and beyond are stepping forward to focalize functions at the gathering, but they all need help.

In Eugene, folks are also trying to plan for Wyoming. There will be a Rainbow Family Meeting to discuss the Gathering in Wyoming this summer.Grower's Market Building (upstairs) , 454 Willamette Street- Thur, May 8, 2008 6-8pm- FREE

So today's update is a wishlist of sorts. If you want to connect up with any of these functions before hand, please email me and I will forward your message on to the focalizers. If you arrive at the gathering and want to help, just go to the area and say you want to help. As always no
experience necessary. I can promise you that your involvement will greatly enhance your gathering experience and teach you a thing or two about yourself.

Front Gate - some kind family have stepped up to faciliate a peaceful and welcoming front gate, but are looking for people to help out by parking cars and creating good music or just helping out with the million and one needs that happen at the Front Gate. Folks in San Diego are making a committment to take one all nighter at the Front Gate and we'll be talking about the specific night this Sunday at our circle.

Media Tent - there's some folks wanting to focalize a Media tent where Media can stop by, get an escort and ask questions. More people needed.

Cop Watch - one of our biggest needs for Cop Watch is people who KNOW HOW TO FILM cops and have the equipment necessary to do the filming. We especially need people who can arrive
by Spring Council (June 10) as there are often a lot of problems with law enforcement early on.

Welcome Home - Some kind family have stepped up to faciliate a wonderful welcome home with raps and information on gathering safely and sanely while still having fun.

Shanta Sena - More people trained in Shanta Sena are greatly needed. The plan is to have a Shanta Sena Council after dinner every night in Main Meadow.

Information - has been shorthanded in two areas in recent years. First is the building of the Info Structure. Anyone planning on getting to the gathering early is encouraged to help build a great info structure. In addition, the gathering needs more people sharing information at INFO especially the late night/early morning hours - In Arkansas, we were so
shorthanded and shortfooted that INFO was closed at night - not a good thing.

Happy May Day, Cinco de Mayo and Beltane.

Please distribute this information far and wide.