Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Gathering Message

Today is Memorial Day and I leave it to each one of you to meditate on what that means and how that meaning should be manifested.

Tribes from Northern and Southern California are joining to create a California Family Camp and Kitchen in Wyoming called Oji. A California Family Council is planned for July 1st at a location to be announced at the gathering. All California family are invited to camp at Oji and create one kick ass kitchen.

Yesterday at our Back to Basics Circle in San Diego, we discussed the often fuzzy idea of sex between consenting adults and how to help our younger sisters feel in control of their own sex lives and how older sisters and loving older brothers can be supportive.

One of the issues we discussed was how some brothers might share food or other goodies with a sister and then expect some sharing in return and how many sisters, especially younger ones, are not prepared to use the word “NO” in a strong and focused manner because they have altered their minds in some manner or because the brother is very insistent.

First off, the message we want to send to all our family, young and old, male and female, is that your body belongs to you. And you have a right to say “NO” when ever your heart desires. If your “NO” is not respected, then you can call “Shanti Sena” and your family will be there to support you in your decision. A “NO” can come after talking to someone, after sharing food or other goodies with someone, even after making out with someone for an hour. You have the right to set your own boundaries and change your mind when ever you wish.

We also discussed some ways in which people can avoid situations where things may get out of control, either because a “NO” is not being respected or because a person isn’t able to express their wishes. So first off, any time you use mind-altering substances, please use the buddy system– hopefully with people you have known and trusted for more than the last hour or two or if not, then at least with a group of people who are prepared to stick together and look out for each other. Or hang out at a larger camp or kitchen and enjoy the fire and the music.

Be aware that while most people who come to the gathering do so with love and respect in their hearts, we all come to be healed and some of us need more healing than others. Some of the trippiest looking and talking people are also the most manipulative. Take the time to get to know someone before you get too close. Have your friends meet someone before you get too close. Closeness can wait until the next day. Things often look different at 2 PM than they did at 2 AM.

If you need help with a situation, before, during or after an unwanted encounter, yell Shanti Sena or go to the nearest kitchen, Info, or Calm and ask for help. We have many people sensitive to the emotional, spiritual, physical and legal needs of a person who has had an unwanted encounter and we stand ready to support you.

Rap 121

Rainbow Rap 121 from

Respect our sisters and help create a safe place for everyone.
Nudity is natural; not a sexual invitation.
Ask before hugging or touching women & remember: “No means No!”
Brother Circles offer support & encourage understanding.
Love happens – Carry condoms.

Respect yourselves & trust your instincts.
If you don’t feel comfortable being intimate or alone with a man it’s OK to say “No.”
Sister Circles share strength & support between women.
Love happens – Carry condoms.

This is a society based on love & respect.
We’re here for a spiritual purpose; Respect each other and do no harm.
Brother-Sister Circles create trust & understanding.

We are all Shanti Sena – “Peace Keepers”

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