Friday, May 2, 2008

My Friends Focusing on Front Gate

This is a message from my friends who are planning on focusing on positive energy at the Front Gate. Posted with their permission.



Catherine and I (Sailor) are focusing our energy this year on doing the front gate in Wyoming. We hope to make everyone's arrival "home" a much kinder, gentler experience than it has generally been the last few years. We feel that some of the problems people have experienced at gatherings can be effected in a positive way by presenting a different initial encounter than what has become accepted as the norm. So we are sending out this missive to those of you we consider "creative" folks and asking you to share with us your thoughts and ideas about the front gate. What we're mostly looking for is your perspective of what visually establishes to those arriving the sense that they are at the beginning of the gathering, all is well and a great time awaits. We want to hear from folks what they feel helps to visually establish a difference --- something that says or reflects a feeling of order, security,welcome,peace. What folks see as a service or need at the gate. So please, close your eyes and visualize, tell us what you want to see when you come around that last bumpy, dusty, curve? And please, don't mention drugs being sold, beer being hustled, etc. we will deal with the small stuff, we're counting on you for a bigger vision,lol.

Also Catherine is putting together a spread sheet for actual day/hours for anyone interested in volunteering a few hours of their time at the gate. The spreadsheet runs from June 25th to July 3'rd. If interested and ready to commit, please contact her direct . Thanks

------------------------- C&S

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