Tuesday, May 6, 2008

1978 Video on the Rainbow Gathering

There's a wonderful film from the 1978 annual gathering in Oregon available on You Tube called Experience the Rainbow.

Check out family sharing the vision. It's in five parts. Here's part one or go to You Tube and search for "Experience the Rainbow." Some of the people interviewed are still coming home every year.


Snowbird said...

Ah, Karin, even though I didn't attend my first Gathering until 1999, this brought back such wonderful memories of my experiences at my 3 Gatherings. I had to go on and watch all 5 installments. Thanks for posting this.

We Looovvveee You,
The Other Karen's Mom

Anonymous said...

If you or anyone you know was at the Wyoming gathering 2008 and was harassed by the forest service or witnessed harassment please please please call the ACLU @ 307-637-4565. You can call collect. Pass this info to anyone you know this is VERY important to the safety of our family.