Tuesday, May 13, 2008

American Rapid Rainbow Response & Myanmar

American Rapid Rainbow Response (ARRR) was formed during Hurracaine Katrina when a bunch of people from the Rainbow Gathering went to New Waveland Mississippi and set up a relief effort. They are currently working to assist the people of Myanmar. For details, visit their website or email them.

ARRR is a network of people who recognize the obligation of service to our brothers and sisters that are faced with catastrophe in their communities. With years of experience providing food and clean drinking water for thousands of people at cooperative festivals, we are uniquely prepared to share our skills, time, and assets with those in serious need.

While our main focus is on physical needs such as clean water and food, we also try to provide for the emotional and spiritual care of a community. We encourage our volunteers to lend an ear along with a hand, we encourage cooperation with the appropriate agencies for psychological assistance, and we reach out to local religious communities to foster cooperation in meeting the needs of survivors of natural disasters.

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