Friday, May 2, 2008

Funds for CALM, Drinking Water and Scouting

So when going to a gathering, people often donate money to the Magic Hat to cover food and other supplies. This is awesome. However, for some supplies, it's easier for the money to be available before the gathering as needed supplies aren't always available adjacent to our gathering sites.

So for those of you who want to donate to CALM (First Aid) there is a link to a PayPal account on a CALM Website. (and lots of other cool information). The folks focalizing this are great and trustworthy people and work long and hard at the gathering to heal all of us. Let's help them out by sharing some green energy.

A incredible brother named Hawker does a huge amount to bring safe drinking water to the gathering. Find out about his systems and how you can help with your energy - both physical and green at his website. Plus this is an awesome resource for folks interested in safe drinking water systems.

Folks are out scouting now. Due to the high cost of gas, every donation to scouting is appreciated. Montana Mudd is helping in this area. Contact them for information on
how to contribute.

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JeSais said...

check out

it includes a tool to create a widget to put on website(s) so folks can easily "chip in"
pretty cool idea