Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day Update

Happy May everyone!

Every Sunday at 1 PM (in San Diego) we are circling and discussing ideas on how to create an awesome gathering. Various friends of mine both locally and beyond are stepping forward to focalize functions at the gathering, but they all need help.

In Eugene, folks are also trying to plan for Wyoming. There will be a Rainbow Family Meeting to discuss the Gathering in Wyoming this summer.Grower's Market Building (upstairs) , 454 Willamette Street- Thur, May 8, 2008 6-8pm- FREE

So today's update is a wishlist of sorts. If you want to connect up with any of these functions before hand, please email me and I will forward your message on to the focalizers. If you arrive at the gathering and want to help, just go to the area and say you want to help. As always no
experience necessary. I can promise you that your involvement will greatly enhance your gathering experience and teach you a thing or two about yourself.

Front Gate - some kind family have stepped up to faciliate a peaceful and welcoming front gate, but are looking for people to help out by parking cars and creating good music or just helping out with the million and one needs that happen at the Front Gate. Folks in San Diego are making a committment to take one all nighter at the Front Gate and we'll be talking about the specific night this Sunday at our circle.

Media Tent - there's some folks wanting to focalize a Media tent where Media can stop by, get an escort and ask questions. More people needed.

Cop Watch - one of our biggest needs for Cop Watch is people who KNOW HOW TO FILM cops and have the equipment necessary to do the filming. We especially need people who can arrive
by Spring Council (June 10) as there are often a lot of problems with law enforcement early on.

Welcome Home - Some kind family have stepped up to faciliate a wonderful welcome home with raps and information on gathering safely and sanely while still having fun.

Shanta Sena - More people trained in Shanta Sena are greatly needed. The plan is to have a Shanta Sena Council after dinner every night in Main Meadow.

Information - has been shorthanded in two areas in recent years. First is the building of the Info Structure. Anyone planning on getting to the gathering early is encouraged to help build a great info structure. In addition, the gathering needs more people sharing information at INFO especially the late night/early morning hours - In Arkansas, we were so
shorthanded and shortfooted that INFO was closed at night - not a good thing.

Happy May Day, Cinco de Mayo and Beltane.

Please distribute this information far and wide.

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