Friday, May 9, 2008

Getting Involved

Hey everyone,

Just because it's Friday and I want to share all the good things that people are planning to do in Wyoming.

San Diego Family is planning a night at the Front Gate - July 2 dusk until July 3 dawn - music, dancing and what ever needs to be done. We're hoping to get 25+ people to participate.
All you need to do is show up at the Front Gate about sunset on July 2nd or anytime there after and join the fun. Musicans, dancers, parking crew, bubble blowers, and singers wanted.

Some of the California kitchens are joining together to make a huge Rainbow kitchen. Some of the plans include a Raw Food Station, Buddha's Tea House, food for main circle, a Rainbow Reading Libary and much more. To plug into the fun ahead of time, email Joji or for all the details, click here.

IDONNO Cafe will be hosting an art walk on the July 1st bring some ....also it'd bee cool if other kitchens wanted to the Fams great art........ To plug into that, click here.

Lots of chatter on getting people to video cops to keep them on their best behavior. Especially people with equipment and the skills to get it all on tape. So if you know anyone who likes to video cops, rope them into helping. To plug into this effort, email me. For more in cop watch, click here.

And remember folks, everyone is doing their best to create a safe, beautiful and fun gathering for all. So let's uplift each other and share the positivity.

Please share this information freely.

Peace out!

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Anonymous said...

Keep Shining Sister Lovng You I am sure that this blog is going to prove useful to alot of folks~tdk