Friday, April 18, 2008

Rainbow Magic & Patch Adams

What does Rainbow Magic Create?

Here's a forwarded email from a long time gatherer on Patch Adam's trip to Afghanastan so you can see for yourself.
Clowns not bombs on YouTube


This 1 hr docu. of Patch's 2002 trip (with full clowning entourage) to Kabul was just uploaded to YouTube in 6 parts about 3 weeks ago. It was uploaded to the Italian channel misterno1978. While I'm sure Patch has no problema with this, someone else might get uppity and have it pulled (as happened to Farmer John just a week ago). So watch it soon just incase:
Patch Adams, Clown in Kabul
For anyone unaware, Patch was active with CALM back in the late '70's & early '80's. Then the Hollywood movie based on his life story, starring Robin Williams came out in 1998. Patch has been clowning around the world and campaigning for peace and better health care non-stop ever since.
This is a repeat of what I sent out on Patch last Dec, 2007:
Haven't seen him at Rainbow for many years, but he's still out cavorting around the planet, working for peace. Just talked to him by phone on Thanksgiving and thought I'd check at YouTube. He'd just returned from Russia and was home for a few days, before heading out to Venezuela. Enjoy! <>
Hilarious: (7 min.)

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