Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Defendents who were arrested at Rainbow Gathering on July 3

So the three people arrested have their court dates coming up and we are especially looking for a video that was taken up on the road as the cops were amassing and a woman was yelling at them.

I have spoken to one person who saw it at Kid Village right after the incident was over, but he does not know whose video it was or what became of it.

I have heard second hand that someone else saw it and it showed the woman being pepper sprayed.

If we don't turn up this video and/or witnesses of this portion of the event, a single mom could be sent to jail. PLEASE pass this info on to everyone you can think of. If you have info, you can send it directly to the usual Rainbow legal suspects or you can send what you have to me and I will forward it on.

Let's not allow our family to go to jail. United we stand ....



Olivia Donor said...

Thank you so so much for keeping us all updated about this. Very upsetting. We're all praying!

Anonymous said...

i would like info on the rainbow gathering. i have never been and would appriciate all the help i can get. thank you all. u can email me at jbaker4170@yahoo.com

easy recipes said...

very upsetting... thanks for informing us!!