Thursday, August 27, 2009

Legal Update From Free Assembly Project

A big shout out to all the people helping family with legal issues. You rock!

Here's an update I received yesterday.


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26 August 2009 PUBLIC INFO POST

Rainbow Charges Dropped in Wyoming
~ 2 of 3 Defendants are Off the Hook

During the infamous 'Kid Village Incident' at the Rainbow Gathering in Wyoming, Skye Laurel Riggs and Rose Stanley were assaulted and charged with 'Interfering' by Forest Service LEO's.

That was July 3, 2008... since then, the criminal proceedings have dragged for nearly 14 months.
Today, with trials finally set 5 weeks away, we were informed by defense attorney Ron Kopriva that these prosecutions would be dropped: Dismissals will be filed by the U.S. Attorney's office shortly.

The remaining case against Dale Kellogg -- pulled from a car in the parking lot, tazed and beaten the day before -- is reportedly in negotiations. The driver's license and 'Resisting' citations have been dismissed, and the Government has proposed a "pre-trial diversion" on the remaining 'Interfering' charge: a year probation, then expungement. Kellogg has not yet seen the deal or instructed his attorney on what to do, but it looks like the Feds want to duck his trial too.

There is good cause for a sense of relief, but don't call these 'victories'. After enduring police violence and perjury, then protracted burdens of criminal defense, denied speedy trial, these victims have only avoided further injustice. The core issues of LEO intimidation tactics against the Gatherings will not be aired or adjudicated, and the Perp-Cops are not in jail.

Still these outcomes are instructive: In these extraordinary cases in a remote venue, what the defense lawyers needed were good info on prior 'Rainbow' cases, ready reliable witnesses & evidence, and a bit of support (and scrutiny) in the public interest. That's what we gave them... last winter when we landed solid affidavits and authenticated videos on their laps, the winds began to change.

The upshot: Predatory prosecutions prey on the weak; if they can't eat you, they won't fight. So, strong defenses are better... put up good facts, raise the big issues, get 'constitutional' about it.
And the tenacity of these defendants standing up for their rights and sticking it out -- this has been decisive. It was Roses who got 'Fed up' with the lies and delays, and pushed her lawyer in July to set a trial date... and she told him to convey a message to the U.S. Attorney: "Bring it on."

Public outrage doesn't hurt either... if you think that the U.S. Attorney should show a bit more good sense and fully dismiss the last charge against Kellogg, call him and tell him so:

Jason M. Conder, US Attorney's Office:
P O Box 449 - Lander, WY 82520
(307) 332-8195; Fax: (307) 332-7104
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