Monday, September 21, 2009

Update on Wyoming Court Cases

I received this email from Brian Michaels a few days ago and am passing it on.

Just an FYI, these cases stem from the incident created by the US Forest Service at Kid Village
on July 3, 2008 at the Wyoming gathering which occurred just about dinner time. (the videos you see all over the internet). Sky was the sister arrested in Kid Village. Roses was arrested up on the road following the entire parade that ended up by the USFS vehicles.

As Brian points out in his email, it was the video's that played such a huge part in this outcome. Keep them coming. I will disagree with Brian one bit - I refuse to use the word "riot" as that's the terms the USFS labeled what happened and as we all know, the cops are always the good guys in a "riot". I much prefer "incident" or "policy brutality".

At any rate, this is great news. Justice has prevailed.



it is with great delight to announce ~~~~the cases against Roses and Sky have Been DISMISSED

I having been working with these attorneys from the beginning on getting these charges dismissed; discussing all aspects of videos, witnesses and why these cases will not be tried by a US Attorney, bringing them along, resisting any plea offers..

these two women were the only ones who were arrested after the kid village police created riot and did NOT take the deal everyone else took /..

they stood their ground for us all -- and WON ~!~ they deserve our gratitude and appreciation for their courage against these monsters.

once again--- our best defense against these unruly LEO's is the truth --- and our best proof of the truth is our Videos.

without these videos, our people and the truth stand much weaker against the force of lying LEO's in Court....

earlier on, around last November, Vermin and Osey's charges were dismissed... that is a pretty good track record or Wyoming..



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