Sunday, July 20, 2008

Beautiful Gathering in Wyoming

LEO woos aside, we created a beautiful gathering in Wyoming.

We had a alcohol free Welcome Home at the lower trail head that brought together a diverse group of rainbows who normally don't hang out together and in spite of philosophical differences they created a great kitchen and camp.

We had an awesome and alcohol free Front Gate who took the time to share Rainbow lore around the campfire late at night with folks just getting home.

There was lots of good filtered drinking water and fresh salad at dinner circle ever night through the 4th. Everyone who showed up to dinner on time got salad - Thank you Oji Kitchen - you guys rock.

There was a fantastic hipstory (Rainbow history/stories of gatherings past) on the night of July 5 and a changing of the guard. Plunker stepped down and passed the feather onto Glowing Feather and I look forward to hearing your hipstories in the future.

The younger generation took control of dinner circle and did an awesome job of keeping us on track and getting fed. The older generation took the time to share wisdom with the younger folks and then were wise enough to step aside.

There was beautiful music being played and rock art sculptures rising from the soil. There was a jugglers glen, a crazy bird stage at Granola Funk, sweet vibes at Warriors of the Light.

Let's not forget the anti-brunch at Loven Ovens. For those not in the know, the NYC Purple gang does a brunch on July 5th complete with mimosas. Unfortunately, you need a ticket in order to be fed. So the wacky folks at the Ovens, made up sack lunches with bologne sandwiches and took them to people waiting in line for brunch. Then came back and cooked up some killer ass food and fed those of us who were ticket less. Just some fun Rainbow pranks and more people got more food out of it. Thanks to both NYC and the Ovens. It takes two to tango.

Shanti Sena Councils/Circles happened in the meadow after dinner circle most of the nights I made it to dinner circle. Next year I'll be doing them again. Sharing our knowledge with each other is critical.

Our main meadow was full of blue and yellow flowers, granite rocks and small children playing with the occasional kite and hang glider.

Two fire pits aside, our relations with the USFS Resource people went very well - shame on whoever called Rebeca names - love everyone, love is our most powerful tool. The more we love, the more peace we create.

Our family created beautiful trails for us - thank you trail crew. We had a tooth brushing station - awesome idea. Yeast Man finally showed up and then dinner circle was complete. Who out there feels at home until they hear "YEAST" bellowed across the meadow at dinner circle? I was so happy to see Yeast Man, I even ate yeast. The beautiful spice couple where at the gathering sharing wonderful sauces to spice up those beautiful servings of rice and beans. I even tasted blueberry hot sauce - it was incredible.

A kind brother set up a way station in the match stick forest for tired or confused travelers hiking into the gathering. Thank you very much. Thank you to the kind younger brothers who helped me carry things when I was running out of steam. My beautiful family at Kid Village on July 3rd who taught peace under the most challenging of circumstances - you are my heroes.

Death Camp Kids - thank you for reminding me that I need to share love even when I'm getting frustrated.

Ogre & Joji - thanks for trying to keep me fed - I know I don't sit still enough but I loved camping with you guys and Sunshine, Stuttering Phil, Cassie, HeyJo, 4D, Jayhawk and the Okics. Everest, you kept me on my toes and you're one strong toddler.

Jesus Camp - thanks for sharing jesus songs with the brother finding god in the most difficult of circumstances.

Montana Mudd - you rock. Such good strong Shanti Sena energy popping up everywhere and keeping the family safe. Thanks for babysitting the LEOs, they can't seem to stay out of trouble without babysitters.

The circle on the 4th - we held the circle until the kids were in, all the way in, wrapped around the P^&$ pole. We always try to do it, but I'm not sure how long it's been since we've achieved it. The silence was strong. We are strong.

We held councils. We counciled on the boy scout issue, various times on Shanti Sena issues, with the Forest Service, with each other. We acknowledged our lack of house keeping in years past and people said yes, I'm a Rainbow who is willing to step forward and take peaceful action to create an amazing gathering and we did. We managed to get our disabled elders into the circle on the 4th and keep our children safe.

We went after our family who was taken to jail and brought them home if that's what they wanted. We went to court in peace and love and had citations dismissed or reduced to minimal fines.

To Circus who took a too high brother down in the most loving manner I've ever seen - a true Rainbow brother who proves that one can be strong and full of love at the same time. To Chris who dealt with everything life through at him and kept a smile on his face and a tune on his guitar.

We opened our hearts to the family of Garrett Bardin who disappeared on June 21 and was found deceased ten days later near the gathering of an apparent suicide. To send a card to his family, Garrett's Family, PO Box 22, Boulder, WY 82923. Donations can be made in his memory to Tip Top Search and Rescue, P.O. Box 400, Pinedale WY 82941. Also, an account has been set up at First State Bank in Pinedale for Garrett’s PALMS (Prevention, Awareness, Litigation against Medications that may cause Suicide). To Carol and Taylor, I hope the love we shared with you is still floating around those mountains. To Garrett, you must have been an amazing person to have so many people so worried about you. You are one with us now and forever.

To the many, many hands and smiles that created such a beautiful gathering - thank you and may you carry the cause of peace forward every day.

Blessings family.

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