Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 3rd Incident & Stuck in Mesquite, Nevada

I'm enroute to my home in San Diego in a 1956 Ford Stepvan. It's 113 today and too hot to drive.
So we're hold up in a motel room and I'm checking email, etc.

As far as the incident in Kid Village on July 3rd, I was not an eye witness so will leave others to tell their stories. That being said, one of the brothers who was there will be meeting with staffers of congressional representatives on July 15 to show video of the event and review eye witness accounts with the hopes of asking Congress to hold a hearing.

To that end, if you have an eye witness statement, please email me a complete statement of what you witnessed along with your legal name, phone number and address. If you have video or still photography of the incident, I will have an ftp site setup in a day or two or email me links from You Tube.

Just a reminder family, never circle the cops. Sit down and OM!


Nate said...

I like idea of sitting down and ohming instead of surrounding the police.

Imagine how good the rainbows would have looked if the police started shooting, and we all just sat down. They could not of continued fire as they did.

What about a new Rap about how to deal with police in riot type situations???

Love you ALL

glowing star of love said...

At the Colorado Gathering last year we encountered a blockade. We were the first car to arrive. We served curry and collected the masses. the next morning A-camp sent a critical mass, the people circled the cops. Our crew of seven were the only not to rise and circle the cops. I stand by this decision because personally I find the surround technique to be a bit aggressive. Nonetheless it worked. The police SUVs and local sheriffs and the feds all got in the cars with their AR-15s and got out of there. We might have been stuck outside the Gathering for another few days if they had not circled. Still, I believe this tactic inevitably leads to an escalation of conflict. I stayed as far from Kid Village as possible while the events of the 3rd unfolded.
By the way, what was the vision council decision for next year's site?

Shama-Lama Mama said...

Glowing Star...

New Mexico in 2009!

adap2k said...

The welcome home site has been down. I saved copies of the videos here FYI.
Thanks James

Anonymous said...

Having thankfully been away from KV with my 3 year-old, I do want to emphasize that the witnesses I talked to claimed that someone yelled "FIRE!" to bring help instead of "Shanti Sena" (which was stupidly made illegal). A bunch of hippies ran to the scene with buckets, only to find a binch of LEO's with guns. Adrenaline was HIGH, and I commend the brothers and sisters who showed up expecting one thing, but then having to adapt to another. I think they did a fabulous job. I'd very much like to know if the little girl whose mother was arrested is okay. Anyone know?

Karin Zirk said...

The little girl whose mother was arrested is find as is her dog and rat. Mom was back at the gathering on Monday evening.

Anonymous said...

"What about a new Rap about how to deal with police in riot type situations???"

i too agree that there should be some better group education about how to deal with these kinds of situations. Too many of us react instead of respond. Especially us Young Men. We need to discuss a better plan of action that recognizes how easily these things can escalate, and the welfare of all involved.

Pushing cops towards fear does not help the situation. We need to listen, observe, and contemplate the logistics of the situation, with an understanding that others are helping to do the same.

-el zoro del oro