Thursday, July 3, 2008

Photos From Wyoming

Thought you all might want to see some great
pictures of the Wyoming Gathering. The Pinedale
Online Website is doing a great job reporting on
the Gathering and lots of pictures can be found at
this link...

Scroll down to see even more once you get there,
and click on them to make them larger! I even see
a picture there of Karin, the creator of this
blog! If you find any more links to great pics of
this years Gathering, please feel free to add them
to the comment section of this post!


Snowbird said...

Makes me Home sick!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with snowbird on this one; thanks for posting the pictures. I was kind of hoping to find something like this.. it's a great little tour of the place :D


Anonymous said...

I spent July 3rd at the gathering with some friends. We are all local Pinedale people interested in spending sometime at the gathering, doing a little hiking and experiencing life outside of our normal Wyoming. We had a wonderful time. Folks were very welcoming and peaceful and loving. We all wished we had brought our children along, and except for the hike we know they too would have enjoyed a day at the gathering. Met Karin at the welcome wagon, Thank you for all the hard work you do. We'll probably come up again before all is said and done, and hope to travel to the next one!Love and peace to all, and thank you for the experience.

Anonymous said...

You can see the blog posts with photos I have posted too!

Dee from Utah

Anonymous said...

The Rainbow Gathering was held here in Arkansas last year and I just want to say that I hope the people of Wyoming have better luck with them than we did. They ran our town a muck, they stole every chance they got and the tried to misuse local facilities time and time again. I know these things because I delt with each of these things personally. You hippies need to just stay home and OM all you want quit invading innocent towns and stealing and breaking the law like some of you do not all of you but some of you do.

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