Sunday, July 20, 2008

Clean Up Help Needed!

I pulled this message of usenet/agr today.
Please pass this info on to all your lists and especially to people near the gathering. Salt Lake City/Denver Crews - a big shout out to you to pitch in. Bring fruit and chocolate to share with those who are exhausted.

******BEGIN FORWARDED MESSAGE*******************

I just got a call from the clean-up crew at the gathering site and they asked me to post this message to a.g.r.

Clean-up is going slowly and more folks are needed to help. They request than anyone within a days drive of the site who can help please come back and pitch in for a few days. They could use about 2 dozen more people.

A lot of folks bailed after the FS put out the mandatory fire evacuation call and many more left on July 12. There are only 50 folks doing all this cleanup work since the 12th. If the usual 150 - 200 folks had stayed another week or so then the clean up would be a lot further along. Climbing up and down steep hills over the miles of the gathering site is burning these folks out.

There are no trucks on site to take out the garbage so last week they rented a u-haul to move out a big load and they are going to rent another u-haul tomorrow. The funds for this is coming out of the clean-up crews pockets.

What is left to do is the disappearing and water barring of the trails, getting the remaining garbage out, checking all the campsites to make sure they are disappeared, chopping up the compacted parking areas and reseeding.

Folks, it is important that a site be left without a trace and it takes a lot of work to get a well used gathering site to this point. How a site is left after a gathering is how the gathering will be
remembered. There is more to a gathering than just the party. If you can help in any way please do so now.

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Anonymous said...

Yep - you guys really do care about leaving a place better than you found it.