Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gathering Directions

Spring Council happened on June 10 and the consensus was to go to a site, which is south /southeast of Pinedale, Wyoming.

Directions From Southern California, take Interstate 15 north to Salt Lake City. Take Interstate 80 east to Rock Springs, Wyoming.

From Rock Springs, take US-191 north to WY-353 (near Boulder, Wyoming). Go EAST on WY-353 for 18 MILES to the end of pavement where it turns into County Road 118.
KEEP GOING on CR-118 (dirt road) for another 10 MILES (towards "Farson"). This will take you across the river at Buckskin Crossing, then watch for a junction with CR-132 where a sign points left to "Big Sandy Campground 15". Turn LEFT (east) on CR-132 (Lander Cut) and then FOLLOW the SIGNS to "DUTCH JOE G.S." -- After 7 MILES, there will be another LEFT, then go 2 MILES -- WELCOME HOME!!!

[Note: The site is NOT at "big sandy campground"-- it IS near "Dutch Joe GS" on the Big Sandy River]

For a map, click here.

For printer friendly directions in PDF, click here.

WARNING! There is snow on the road today and the road in is a bit messy. Be prepared or wait a few days as it's supposed to warm up this weekend.

If you're riding Greyhound - you want to get off at Rock Spring Wyoming. If you're flying or doing Amtrak, it's Salt Lake City, Utah - you can catch Greyhould from SLD to Rock Springs.

If you want to Map Quest your travels, make your destination Boulder, Wyoming and that should give you an estimate. Gatherings tend to be located many miles from the nearest Interstate and paved road. When planning your drive, realize that the last 50 to 100 miles may be traveled at 20 MPH and plan accordingly.

Always plan to arrive early in the morning. The roads into the gathering are generally in poor shape and it's easy to get lost at 1 AM in the dark when you've been driving for 12 hours. Kick it at a camp site for the night, get up at dawn and come on home.

It can take 4 to 8 hours from the time you park your car until you've gotten to your campsite and pitched your tent. If this is your first gathering, I'd plan on 8 so you can figure out what's happening and where you want to camp.

~ Welcome Home Everyone ~

~ Be the Peace You Want to See in this World ~

~ Ignore all rumors of cancellation or organization! ~


Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!
Coming Home!
Lovin' You!

Anonymous said...

safe journeys, much love
see you all so soon

rainbowfabric said...

any kind of transportation service going to be available from Rock Springs... or will it be the old thumb?
Possibly taking the greyhound, the last weekend of June, from Houston, Texas.