Sunday, June 15, 2008

Snow & Cold!

It's cold. Be prepared for snow. Bring extra warm blankets to share with those who didn't bring enough. Bring extra tarps and if you have an old tent you don't want anymore, bring that to get away.

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Anonymous said...

It's cold in Wyoming this time of year!!! Bring extra blankets and a coat! I've heard of it snowing on July 4th! The Wind River Mountains are EXTREMELY unpredictable!

On a different note, the BLM and Forest Service are VERY concerned about damage to the resources in the area: THINK WETLANDS! In order to avoid giving a worse impression about the Rainbows, please stay out of the wet grassy areas. Also, when you reclaim your paths, don't just sprinkle pine needles. Think of a way to decompact the paths so that new vegetation can grow. A rake might work. Please pass this on as it may be my only communication.


A friend from the inside.