Sunday, June 8, 2008

Workshop Leaders Needed

A great Rainbow Gathering is full of great workshops. Great workshops are led by you. There's no one in charge of workshops at a Rainbow Gathering. If you want to do one, you do it. Many people make announcements at Dinner Circle for workshops happening that evening or the next day. There's usually a workshop board at Information. And you can make cool signs and hang them around the gathering.

Where do workshops happen? Anywhere you desire. If you're camped at a kitchen, ask the crew if you can use their bliss pit for a workshop. If it's a yoga or meditation workshop - Main Meadow or Yoga Healing Arts are great places to hold a workshop. If it's a workshop for kids and their parents, talk to the folks at Kid Village and see where would be a good place. If it's a workshop on accupressure, Reiki or other healing modalities, talk to the folks at CALM and see if they have space for a workshop.

At Rainbow, workshops are informal and usually the participants contribute a lot. What kind of workshops would be appropriate?

Here's a list of some workshops that have happened at previous gatherings:
* Herb Walks
* Yoga - a lot of different types
* Drum Making
* Belly dancing
* Biodegradable composting shitters
* Meditation
* Bible study
* Elvis Healing Studies
* Torah Study
* Krishna Study
* Non-Violent Direct Action
* Tree Sitting Direct Action
* Shanti Sena (Peace keepers)
* Ocarina Making
* Edible Plants
* Art projects
* Sufi Dancing
And I'm sure there's a bunch more I'm forgetting about all together.
Let's get this knowledge circulating! Share your brain with others.

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