Friday, June 6, 2008

June 6 Gathering Update

Spring Council starts Tuesday, June 10 at Stokes Crossing Campground.

From Highway 80 near Rock Springs, Wyoming, Exit Highway 191 North towards Pinedale/Boulder. Drive approximately 85 miles to Highway 353. Take Hwy 353 two miles east to Boulder Lake Road (Gravel Road). Go 7 miles north on Boulder Lake Road. Look for a sign on your left for Stokes Crossing. If you reach Boulder Lake, you passed Stokes Crossing.

This is BLM land. No potable water on site, minimal trees. Bring one gallon of water per person per day you plan on being there. Bring extra water for those less prepared.

For a map of the area

Remember to be prepared for pre-gathering conditions! It's still wet & cold in Wyoming & gas is $4/gal. -- try to be self-sufficient with food, supplies and gear for springtime mountain camping!

Forest Service Conference Call Happened Today

----Begin Forwarded Message----

Here’s Summer Breeze’s Take on it

For those who were on the call today, please add your two cents and pass this on. Please send me an amended copy every belly so I can have the completed dialogue to post back on mountainspirit. Thanks and lovin you all. On my way to Wyoming.

Today's phone conference went well, in my opinion. About twenty individuals were on the line, some identified and some not. I was on the call but did more listening than talking today. Some folks were really tuned in to what needed saying, so I felt it was better to listen to the folks with intent.

The outcome of the call included the following: Mark Rey agreed to meet folks (rainbows, individuals, town folks in Wyoming) at a town meeting- the location to be decided once spring counsel selects a site- the Wyoming Governor and Attorney General will also be in attendance. A daily meeting to walk Law Enforcement and resource folks into the gathering from the front gate was agreed upon by some who will naturally volunteer themselves to this act. A daily meeting was agreed upon to take place within the gathering, probably at Info, so watch for these meeting times and places to be posted on the gathering bulletin boards.

It was agreed that representatives from the Forest Service would make regular visits to C.A.L.M. to discuss issues of medical importance. Mark Rey agreed to issue a directive that Law Enforcement would not hinder or interfere with medical procedures in action. The Good Samaritan law was discussed along with the topic of laws governing medical practitioners being licensed in the state of Wyoming.

Tasers and their use inside the gathering was a gigantic topic of discussion. It was admitted by John Twiss and Gene Smithson that Law Enforcement will be carrying tasers as part of their regular equipment, and that the use of tasers will be according to the directives of law enforcement guidelines, whatever that means. Gene Smithson said he will not disclose those guidelines to the folks. However, Mark Rey said there is a public document available through FOIA that he would forward out to the folks which describes the laws governing tasers and their uses.

Jane from C.A.L.M. put out her heart felt plea for acknowledgement by Incident Command and the Forest Service of trained, licensed medical practitioners who attend the rainbow gatherings and plead for a no interference agreement from Mark Rey. Jane also asked for proper medical attention to be given in the event that someone is tasered before being transferred to custody. A lot of these issues will be hot topics in regular counsels on the land and will be part of the "operating plan", the living document by the folks on the land made in co-operation for peace with the Forest Service, and subject to amendments continually as a "living document" according to the will and desires of the people.

This is just a quick summary. A transcript will be available sometime in the near future. An audio file will be made available on agr/alternate.gathering.rainbow on google groups.

Just because....(in honor of Papabear Rainbow who passed away last fall) I thought you might want to know. Summer Breeze

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Town Meeting Thursday, June 19 at a town near the gathering

There will be a town meeting with local residents, gatherers, Undersecretary of the USDA, Mark Rey, as well as the Governor of the State of Wyoming (or representatives) and the Wyoming Attorney General (or representatives) sometime between 4 PM and 6 PM on Thursday, June 19 at a town near the gathering. All are welcome to attend and make some new friends.

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