Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tips & Tidbets for Those Heading Home

Rock Springs is a good place to stock up. While the closest town is Boulder, I've heard some rumblings that the proprietor may not be that happy with gatherers. In addition to Rock Springs, there's a store, gas and a restaurant in Farson, which is between Rock Springs and the turn off to the gathering.

One person reported being unable to use an out of state credit card for purchasing gas at the pump - don't know if that's an isolated incident or not.

It's snowing a bit every day and nights are COLD! Be prepared.

Life is calm and the gathering is unfolding.

On June 19 in the afternoon or early evening, there will be a meeting with gathering participants, local towns folks, federal, state and local agencies including Mr. Mark Rey, the Undersecretary of the USDA (boss of the forest service). Details will be forth coming. Let's put our best face forward and show everyone that we are nice and loving folks.


Janet said...

As a long time Rock Springs, Wyoming resident I remember the '94gathering when some of the people passed through. I was working at Walmart at the time, which is now a Super Walmart right off the interstate. Take exit 102 from westbound I-80, turn right onto Dewar Dr. and then left onto Gateway Blvd. You can't miss it.

There is a ton of construction right now at this exit and along Dewar Dr. It is all single lane traffic so drive carefully.

Also, bring some extra blankets. It has been so cold here. It snowed last week!

Glad to have you back in Wyoming!

Anonymous said...

Wyo exit 99 on I80 , on south side is a decent lil pit stop,
-Cruel Jacks. its got character! and good food. and fuel. I drive a truck now and my last gathering was at Paonia Co. perhaps ill get back this year.... take it Breezy!
Skunk Flower