Friday, June 13, 2008

Town Meeting on Thursday, June 19

A town meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 19th, at the Sublette County Library in Pinedale at 6:00 PM. All interested parties are encouraged and invited to attend.

The Undersecretary of Agriculture Mark Rev will be in attendance along with members of the U.S. Forest Service Incident Management Team. Representatives from the Wyoming Governor's office and Attorney General's office are expected to attend. The Wyoming Department of Health should have representatives there as well.

The purpose of the meeting is to allow members of the community to have an opportunity to ask questions of the Rainbows about the annual gathering which will be held at Big Sandy in early July.

Let's show up and meet the local community - share the love.

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Anonymous said...

Why dont you all go back to where ever the hell you came from and get the hell out of Wyoming. We are sick of picking up your shit! you are ruining our lands and when you leave after your STUPID gathering it takes the land FIVE fucking years to go back to its origanal STATE!!! FYI YOU ARE NOT MAKING PEACE WITH THE LAND... OR IT'S PEOPLE!!!!!