Monday, June 9, 2008

USFS Follow Up from Conference Call on June 6

One of the areas of concern expressed by participants in the conference call with the USFS on June 6 was the USFS's policy on use of tasers specifically and use of force in general. I've attached three PDF documents, which is what I received today in various formats. The email from Amanda is the cover email to the other two documents. The only thing I removed from the email was the "to" and "cc" email addresses plus Tim Lynn's phone number.

Amanda's Email

FSM 5387 - Non Lethal Defensive Equipment Policy

FSH 5309.11_54 Use of Force Policy - Non Lethal Defensive Equipment


Summer Breeze said...

Thank you Karin for posting such useful and timeley information regarding the Wyoming gathering, as it happens both on and off the land. Preparation for the gathering is a large part that thousands never experience. I believe that being informed is crucial to gaining an understanding about how, why, what, who and where. Thanks for putting your love, energy and time into this. I appreciate you.

montanistan said...

Thanks, Karin!

Several of us were unable to get on the call due to capacity -- including Scouts on the ground in Wyoming.

I hope someone who is headed that way can print up these documents to help folks on the Land stay informed..

Weather Report: Pinedale Area expecting SNOW tonight (Jun 10) and continuing RAIN-SLEET-SNOW through Thursday! (supposed to get better Friday)

Road Report: Scouts say some mountain roads in area are "slick gumbo."