Thursday, June 26, 2008

Minimal Information

I am going to attempt to write this post with no
apostrophes or quotes as my last post here on
Karins blog included a lot of odd characters in
place of the apostrophes.

I received a voice mail on my cell phone from Jai
(Just Say Hi). Karin seemed to have written some
notes down for Jai to read to me over the phone
for inclusion here on her blog. I hate to admit,
though, with some static and difficulty with
translation, I feel strongly that some of what
Karin wanted to say did not come through. For
instance, I got some email addresses from her but
was not clear what it was that I was supposed to
send to these addresses.

Here is what I did surmise...

* The hike into the Gathering site at Big Sandy is
pretty darn strenuous. Even without a pack, from
Parking Lot to Main meadow it is about 1.5 to 2
hours of hiking because it is UP HILL. Be

* Apparently, the folks onsite have been informed
that if they ever shout Shanti Sena (our call for
help) that the person calling may be arrested for
inciting a riot. Apparently, they are not aware
that the call is used to gather many people who
will surround the situation with a circle of calm,
peaceful council members intent on defuseing the
situation and come to a peaceful resolution.

* The road to or possibly into (or near) Snider
Basin (the other site) is apparently terrible. Not
sure which road this is exactly. Sorry.

* There currently is no proper plan in place to
evacuate severely injured or sick people from the
Big Sandy site.

* Jai was busted for having a string of beads
hanging from his rear-view mirror while driving
in. Please have your vehicle registered with no
violations. Wear your seat belts, go the speed
limit. Of course, that is good advice driving into
ANY gathering.

That is about it. I wish I had been there to take
the call instead of having it go to voice mail. I
could have asked a lot of questions and made this
report more clear.


Nate said...

During Council it would seem that someone could talk with the Forest Service/ police and explain to them the purpose of Shanti Sena?

I do not see how they could interpret this as "inciting a riot"

The Other Karen said...

Well, often, when they are arresting someone, witnesses will start calling "Shanti Sena" and I think they were trying to stop them from making it a more dangerous situation for themselves.

They have since changed to rule to say that one can call it as long as they are not actually attempting to start a riot (which likely means calling it during an arrest)