Thursday, June 19, 2008

Karin's Update for too early in the morning

So this morning, I'm in Salt Lake City trying to leave for the gathering with my group that rendevoused here. (it was a long hellish hot drive up the I-15).

Tonight at 11:30 PM Eastern Time there is yet another conference call with Mark Rey. Rumors I've heard is that if we don't move, the Boy Scouts project will be cancelled. These are all rumors. The number is 866-742-4928, code 6246993.

Some people on the site are rumored to be willing to move, some not.

So Mark Rey will be in Pinedale for the town meeting this evening at 6 PM.

I will try to post an update this evening based on what I find out then. If you're heading this way, check this site before you leave the highway in case there are updates.


Anonymous said...

All of the rumors herein have been mentioned in the phone conversations, and all of them look like facts.

For a running commentary on the conference calls, go to alt.gathering.rainbow and look for the header, "The RFOLL and the Boy Scouts, the saga continues.

-Butterfly Bill

P.S. Do Do DO get to the town meeting, Karin, your strong voice is most needed. Dan of At Home Kitchen will be there to be on your side.

Anonymous said...

From reading Bill's posts on the other website it seems that alot of people are heading up to Snyder Basin...and with hope (fingers crossed)some people moving there from big while things are up in the air and as confusing as they are it might be in the best intrests of all concerned to put this information on the directions pages of welcomehome/here, and other places that post directions so that people heading out can try and make an informed desicion on where to go.(as of right now you have to really dig to find this story)Just a thought for thoose with power to alter such sites

Hope all goes well in rainbowland'
Lovin y'all

Neo said...

These people are too much, the site is not that close to where 80 (total) scouts and leaders will be almost 4 weeks after our event...this is DISTRACTION and BS to detur people. Those who are in the know, know they do this crapola every year. Thanks for the phone numbers and updates, had I found this site yesterday I'd have been on that conf. call, please let us know if another happens, I will be glad to throw in my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Directions to Snyder Basin were posted on AGR - but who knows how many have seen them.

Snyder Basin is also called Snider Basin it seems.

peace, Holly

Anonymous said...

To Neo - the scout event starts on July 26th - about 2 weeks after the Gathering starts breaking up - you know that cleanup can take over a month or more. This is not something fabricated by the USFS - this is a long-standing National service project by the Scouts....wise-up!

Wish people would wise-up, and more people on the ground would get involved in communicating. this is critical.


Anonymous said...

Response to location posting

The Scouts will not be NEAR the current Rainbow site till end of July and when/if they arrive they will be over on the opposite side of the ridge; NOT in the exact same location!
I just left the site yesterday and as far as I know, the concensous was that the site is NOT moving!!! "Divided we fall" was the general feeling circulating around those in attendance at Main Circle Saturday night.

They did suggest some guidlines be circulated that will assist clean-up crew (the only ones that will still be there when the Scouts arrive)in minimizing/eliminating any possible impact they COULD have on the activities Scouts will be participating in(who are by the way all young adults of 18-21 not little children who will be frighted off by the "hippies")

Also, IF the Boy Scouts cancelled as "Fred" stated, why would we be considering a move at all?

From what I have heard from those who were the first on site about 3 weeks ago, the Forest Service did know about and concent to the Rainbows gathering on this site. Only in the last week has the Forest Service realized someone made a mistake and inadvertintly approved two different groups the use of this area. They are being very accomidating and polite asking the Rainbows to move, yet also stating there will be no reprocussions if they choose not to.

Splitting the Gathering would mean cleaning up and restoring 2 sites and no one (including the Forest Service) would want that! Also a split gathering is detrimental to the meaning and spirit of the Rainbow Gathering. We are to join each other together to celebrate peace NOT divide and pull apart!

Why risk revisiting the site of a preivious gathering only to find a majority of your brothers and sisters are not there? Or your favorite kitchen is still established at the gathering site in Big Sandy (what's a gathering without Montana Mud or Nick at Night...not to mention CALM!?)

On a less positive note, what kind of precident are we setting if we pick up and move after 3 weeks of trailblazing and building because someone somewhere told us we had too? It seems to me like that could cause trouble with future gatherings in places where local law enforcement are not as understanding as our current group is. Just a thought....