Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What to Bring With You to wyOOMMing

The basics:

WARM Sleeping Bag
Sturdy boots
Rain Poncho
Spoon & Fork
Flashlight & solar recharger
Toilet Paper
Sun Hat
Trail mix
Feminine supplies if applicable
Personal medications - (if you have special health needs please check in with CALM when you arrive so if something happens, people will already be familiar with your situation.)
I always recommend people bring two gallons of water per person so you have safe drinking water until you get settled and know where at the gathering to fill up.

If you want a bit more comforts:
Some sort of sleeping bag padding like a ThermaRest or foam
Something to sit on - (the gathering provides the ground, you provide the rest - towel, blanket, folding chair, etc.)
Be prepared for warm sunny days, cool rainy days and cold nights.
Sun shower
Water Filter (.2mu)

Remember, what ever you carry in, you will need to carry out.

Communal needs
(Organic) fruits and veggies that can take a few days without refrigeration and can stand a bit of banging around
Bubbles, face paint, acoustic instruments
Toilet Paper
(Organic) Sugar, nuts, whole wheat flour
Cash donations for the Magic Hat
Hugs & Smiles

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