Monday, June 16, 2008

Gathering Site, Boy Scouts and Next Conference Call

To make a long story short, the boy scouts have been planning on using a similar area as we are using to do restoration work on the Continental Divide Trail. At this time we do not know how close their location is to ours and what the outcome of this concern will be. We are hoping to work out a cooperative solution to this issue

The USFS will provide a map of the area the Boy Scouts had reserved and additional information on their project which has been in the planning stages since 2003. When I get that information, I will post it here as well as a transcript of today's call so you can hear the issue out of the mouth of Mark Rey.

Here's some info on the boy scouts project or more information.

A brief summary of the issue: This is part of a five year thing the Scouts have been doing, and they have already applied for and received a special use authorization (permit). About 1000 of them will be coming for a week starting July 26th. Mark Rey (an undersecretary of Agriculture (the Forest Service is part of the Department of Agriculture)) told us that we was concerned about this putting time pressures on "the usually excellent job of cleanup that you guys do", as well as there being two large events in the same area in the same summer, "something we would not normally allow".

Discussion ensued about precisely where the Scouts would be relative to where we would be, and the Tom and Mark said they had to get additional information. Apparently there are several large meadows in the vicinity, and it could still be possible to use only some of them, and keep the areas the Scouts will use roped off to gatherers.

If you want to hear the issues presented by Mark Rey and the conference call that happened today, click here (thank you Marty).

Eventually it was agreed that there had to be input from people who are on the land, so Jai, who was at the time in Little America and on his way, as well as Tom, would get the word to the land and then get some of them to come to a ranger station and some phones and participate in another conference call.

Because no one from site was able to participate in today's conference call to discuss these issues, a follow up call has been scheduled for Tuesday, June 17 at 4:30 PM EASTERN TIME.

call 866-742-4928
Participant code is 6246993

We have a messenger going into the site today to make sure people on the land are notified and I hope the bulk of tomorrow's call will be composed of people who are on the land as those are the people who need to work this out with the USFS resource folks.

If you are headed towards the gathering, today or tomorrow AM please take this information with you.

If you are leaving in a few days, I will try post updates here so check that site before you head home.

Love you family!


Rick Vazquez said...

Has anybody attempted to contact the Arrowmen or the Boy Scouts Chief before the next conference call? - Purpleboy

Anonymous said...

oh come on! like the boy scouts never seen a naked man before. really the BS leaders should be happy for this 'exposure' unless it's, like, competition.....

elostone said...

After having been to the site briefly today then checking the forums et al afterward and then listening the conf. calls, I must say that noone has mentioned the obvious logistical movie that will no doubt result of up to 30k family being re-directed to an alternate site. Why didnt the FS give us a heads up about this before now? After all, the boy scout gig has been in the hopper since 2003? Why are we only hearing about this conflict of interests now? The Boy Scouts (bless their little souls)are far more easily diverted than a bunch of family that is somewhat isolated and vastly scattered from exposure to these 11th hour dramas. Just a few points that are glaring to me...jmho
much love,

Anonymous said...

(Butterfly Bill)

The Boy Scouts are going to do work projects in specific places that require materials to be deposited. They can not be diverted and still accomplish their goals. if a radical move is required, this won't be the first time (WV 05, MI 02, NM 95).

Anonymous said...

i volunteer that alot of rainbows would cook for the scouts,like the rainbow kitchens in new orleans that served relief workers every day for months;there's no conflict in restoring the land,and being prepared,courteous,and kind,and rhe rainbows ideals match item for item.the scouts from all over america should experience the parade into the circle with the kids from kid village,and work side by side as americans.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's a lovely sentiment to share the land, but at this time the ideals are not at issue. We need less chatter, more exodus. Seriously. With the way council was handled, it's unlikely that Big Sandy was meant to be - no matter how georgeous it looks on Google Earth. Simply put, Scouts had dibs, so we SHOULD bail. They didn't mow 250 lawns apiece just to have some massive group of well-intentioned grown ups 'corrupting' their imaginations.

Does anyone have any information on the call from the 17th? Missed it, had to work out here.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any information on the call from the 17th? Missed it, had to work out here.

I have been posting some very abbreviated synopses on alt.gathering.rainbow under the header: "The RFOLL and the Boy Scouts, the saga continues".

-Butterfly Bill

Anonymous said...

maybe this is of-topic... but how come scouts have to volounteer thier time and energy to take down fences constructed for profitable business purposes? Who erected those fences and why arent they held accountable?

Anonymous said...

the map makes it look like this isnt national forest.
What gives?

Anonymous said...

Some clarifications to misinformation posted here. I don't know much about the project, but simple internet searching indicates:
(1) 80 scouts to remove ONE section of fence; hundreds more for many other projects in the area.
(2) At least one of the fences being removed was constructed by BIOLOGISTS, not ranchers, to study wildlife many years ago.
Public land use sometimes require taking turns. Rainbow isn't good at:
(1) researching conflicting use and events;
(2) respecting prior planned events by others i.e. take turns it seems.
The lack of leadership, by design, plus short notice in announcing intent with a let's bull ahead "we know what's best" attitude by enough of those who showed up to prevent a "consensus" discredits your group.
"Too late, too late," you cry! And whose fault is that? It seems to me like arrogance from the Peter Pan generation. Sad

adap2k said...

I heard a nasty report from this radio network

They claimed cops were firing rubber bullets and pepper sray there tonight. Is this true? Can I help online gathering info and videos from the event if true?
Thanks and Peace to you, James in Ohio .